Trucking With Your Dog

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Trucking With Your Dog

According to ATA (American Trucking Association), there are around 3.5 million truck drivers in the USA. And many of them like to travel with canine companions. Trucking with dogs has become an important part of the truck driving lifestyle. According to reports, nearly 30% of truck drivers in the USA bring their canine friends along for the ride. Although, trucking with your dog keeps you from being lonely, it makes you more active and improves your health by taking your dog for walks every day .

Taking your dog with you on the road is different than taking him on a weekend trip camping.

In order to have a pleasant and fun trip with your new co-pilot “your dog” you need to follow a few basic rules:

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1– Make sure the company you drive for allows you to have your dog with you on the truck. if you’re an owner operator then it is your call.

2– Consult with the veterinarian and make sure the dog is healthy enough to go on long road trips.

3– first trip no more than 1 day long. You never know how well you  will adjust to the road so make it a short run the first time. it is necessary for the dog to become accustomed to traveling, especially if it is a question of long journeys.

4– make sure you have all what is needed for your dog from food to toys to medications (if required), also keep health records if your dog takes medications.

5– Establish a daily routine for your dog. when you do that things will go much smoother.

6– All dogs are different. Trucking with a dog means traveling in a small space and in an environment that changes regularly. Some dogs adapt very quickly; others will need time to adapt. Give your dog the time needed.

7Let your dog out of the truck frequently.

We talked about establishing a daily routine. Your dog may have a real need for physical exercise, depending on the species to which he belongs. So let your dog out of the truck at least 3 times a day. In the morning, mid day and before going to bed. I know, as a truck driver your schedule may rotate differently. But no matter what, it is important that you take your dog out of the truck at least once every six to eight hours.

8– Schedule regular visits to the veterinarian and consider pet insurance.

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In Conclusion : If trucking is your profession, dogs can be the perfect companions on the road. They are wondrously adaptable. plan ahead and have exciting trucking adventures with your furry friend.

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