Few Trucking Safety Tips To Follow

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Few Trucking Safety Tips To Follow

Truck driving is a tough job and it is a high-risk profession. According to stats, almost 600 truckers die on their job every year. Truck drivers also face many injuries and different health problems in their career. Trucking is a skill that comes with a great deal of responsibility also, therefore, the safety of a truck driver is very important. There are some tips that can help the truck drivers to follow to ensure their own safety as well as the safety of others. We have enlisted some of the tips below:

Always Be Alert

Always stay attentive and alert, know the things happening around you. Beware of those who are behind you, with you and in front of you so that you can manage the things accordingly and handle the situation accordingly. Always plan an escape route when you are rolling down a highway.

Frequently Check The Weather Reports

When departing for a trip, beware of the weather conditions. Must check the weather reports frequently during traveling. Also, keep an eye on the temperature outside to watch for changing road conditions. A truck driver should be prepared for every kind of road conditions and necessary precautions should be taken to be safe.

Take Time To Move Around

It means taking breaks, stopping the truck and getting out of it every time you got the chance. Try to walk around during the shortstops That will keep you fully awake especially if you’re driving at night time and will help with your posture

Avoid Traffic

Whenever possible, try to avoid peak traffic hours,because most truck accidents are reported during the peak hours when there is heavy traffic on the roads especially in a big city. So the more traffic, the greater odds of a road accident. A good driver must check and keep his eye on the regular traffic updates and choose his route wisely according to the traffic situations.

Be Extra Cautious At Night

A truck should be extra cautious at night time especially in tight maneuvering situations. Too many truckers often leave a truck stop at night thinking that they are headed towards and they end up driving straight into a ditch, hit light posts, or slam into the back of the trailer. When Driving in the night time a driver should be alert, move slowly, and take necessary safety measures required for driving at night.

Take Your Time To Rest

Driving for very long intervals could also be dangerous because driving a truck is a hectic job and the driver may get exhausted after driving for 7 to 8 hours. So it is always recommended to take at least a 30 minutes break and respect the 8 hour rule. It is the law. Nowadays truck drivers have no choice and no excuse since everyone is running on ELD’s. Resprcting the 8 hour rule is there for your safety and safety comes first.

If you’re tired DON’T DRIVE get some rest, I don’t care what your company or your dispatcher are going to say, your safety and the safety of the public is more important than what your company thinks

In Conclusion

Always follow the safety rules. By following these tips not only you can ensure your safety but also the safety of others on the road. Driving a rig is a tough job and it requires a person to be mindful of completing it.

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